Bring all types of quality healthcare to everyone, everywhere

Vision: To be earth’s most trusted patient centric digital healthcare ecosystem through a lean, technology driven healthcare platform that is searchable, accessible, transparent and efficient; lowering the cost of healthcare for everyone (customers and providers).

  • Accurately search for any type of healthcare provider anywhere
    (based on symptoms, complaints, names, specialties, and reviews).
  • Compare upfront prices and reviews.
  • Schedule office visits.
  • Connect live from anywhere.
  • No insurance required.

Secure Online Platform

QureNet is a HIPAA compliant, secure online platform that allows healthcare providers and allied professions to transact with patients directly and without a third party, thereby significantly reducing costs for all.


Priced Out of Healthcare?

The cost if healthcare is a growing burden in the US

have difficulty affording deductibles
have trouble affording premiums.
cut back on living expenses in order to pay medical bills
underinsured avoid or postpone needed healthcare service

For Healthcare Providers

By utilizing upfront pricing, automated payment collection, and included telehealth, providers can reduce overhead costs and increase revenue by leveraging a secure all in one platform, and extend their services to the underinsured and those who prefer to pay out-of-pocket (30% of the U.S. and many entire countries). QureNet will cut overhead costs by reducing the need for:

  • Front office staff and schedulers
  • Marketing
  • Medical billers and software
  • IT expenses

By a Leading Physician

Qurenet was founded by a leading, board-certified gastroenterologist in practice for 28 years. As time went by, he realized the growing plight of both patients and their providers. His patients' out-of pocket expenses rose to unthinkable levels, compromising their access to affordable healthcare. His practice overhead dramatically increased to meet new mandates, IT expenses and complex billing requirements. He witnessed medical practices going out of business. The inefficiencies in the healthcare industry were hurting the most important people: patients and their providers!

The last straw was finally finding out that some patients had 5,10 or 12 thousand dollar deductibles! This led to the discovery that 87 million people in the US under 65 were either uninsured or under-insured. Something was terribly wrong with that number!

QureNet is the product of 4 years of effort to bring balance back to the healthcare equation. It aims to reduce expenses for both patients and their providers and streamline the delivery of healthcare in a transparent market without hidden fees or third parties.

It could not have come at a better time.